Benefits of Live Juicing! Get Healthy, Happy and Informed!

Are You Curious About the Benefits of Live Juicing!

Ok, you probably already know this, but sometimes it helps to hear it from someone else. If you’re following the SAD (Standard American Diet), a lot of the stuff you’re eating is bad for you. The good news is that you control what you eat!

The truth is our bodies just aren’t designed to digest gobs of fatty and processed foods. Emerging research shows that as much as 60% of disease (think coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and some types of cancer—serious stuff) is caused by eating fatty, processed, sodium-laden foods. Over time, these foods accumulate in our bodies and release devastating toxins. It’s not only dangerous; it’s pretty disgusting.

You can choose to fill your body with dynamic, hard-working fruits and vegetables
foods that work for you, not against you. So why are we committed to providing LIVE & raw food and juice to our clients? Read on to get the info you need to succeed.

Get the Raw Deal and become ALIVE

Life brings forth life. So it makes sense that living (LIVE) food makes living, healthy people. Dead food makes dying cells, organs (you get the point).

Let’s start with the basics. Food is fuel for our bodies. Food gives us energy, allows our cells to function, and  keeps us chugging along. The problem is that not all foods are created equal, and increasingly Americans are fueling their bodies with the nutritional equivalent of grimy sludge at the bottom of an oil tank.

The LIVE/Raw Superhighway

When you eat LIVE/raw food filled with enzymes and bioelectricity your blood moves at - lets say 700 mph. When you eat cooked, refined, processed foods that are devoid of enzymes, the blood moves at 5 mph, because the undigested proteins are sticky and cause the blood to sludge or stick together. Undigested fats do the same thing: they decrease blood flow by clogging your blood vessels. The undigested sugars and starches cause all forms of pathogens to grow in your blood.

LIVE/Raw Food Keeps the Blood Moving at the Highest Speed

LIVE/raw food increases the oxygen supply to all cells, which increases the nutrients to all cells, and decreases the toxins in the cells and blood. Eating LIVE/raw food allows our bodies to heal, to live, to thrive.

Sprouted seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables are designed to meet our bodies’ nutritional needs without clogging us up—these are the super foods that provide us with clean, efficient energy. LIVE food is packed with all the essentials: enzymes, bioavailable organic minerals and vitamins and phytonutrients. These foods help you fight off disease and feel energized. (Hey, if it’s been awhile since you sat through a science class, here’s a refresher course on what exactly vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients do for you!)

Here’s the trick, in order to reap these amazing benefits, we need to consume LIVE and raw foods. It turns out that turning LIVE/ raw food into cooked food minimizes all of the good stuff we need to thrive—the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients. So when it comes to fruits and vegetables, keep it simple, smarty!

So why juice?

Juice, it’s Not Just for Kids Anymore!

Now we know we need to eat LIVE / raw, but why load up on fresh juices? The short answer is, because fresh fruit and veggie juices deliver all of the nutritional benefits of raw whole foods in an easy to digest way.

Your digestive tract is a hard-working hero of your body. Anytime you eat or drink, your digestive tract goes to work breaking down sustenance. Some foods are harder to digest than others (they take more energy from your body to digest). When you consume some fresh fruit and vegetable juice, your body is able to easily absorb all the goodies (remember those vitamins, minerals, and enzymes), without working too hard. LIVE juice (meaning fresh with live enzymes!) allows you to get the good stuff you need while giving your digestive tract a break.

That’s exactly why juice is ideal for Simplicity’s programs and cleansing (ok, I said it, I said the c-word, but I promise it’s not as scary as it sounds!). Let’s jump in to the magical world of ReSetting your innate healing ability and regaining your health.…

Drink to Your Health

So here’s what we know already:

  • Live juices made from raw fruits and vegetables deliver potent, nutritious vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients.
  • It’s especially beneficial to consume raw fruits and veggies in juice form because it’s easy for your body to digest.
This is Personal

Maybe you’re nutrition pro—ready to jump in with both feet and teach those toxins who’s boss. Or, maybe you’re somebody who counts cherry coke as a serving of fruit (we've been there!). Either way, we’ve got you covered. Wherever you are on you nutritional journey, we’ll match your needs and level of intensity. We’ve got programs to suit the beginner as well as the bona fide veteran.

Taste Tested (and Approved!)

You don’t have to give up taste to get healthy (seriously, trust us!). At Simplicity our LIVE Juice Fusion and Raw Menu is satisfying and scrumptious. We’ve got LIVE foods, juices, raw food meals, vegan soups, and more! This isn’t about depriving your body; it’s about empowering your body with nutritious food. You’ll eat fulfilling meals, snacks, and even dessert.