Honored to serve. Love, SIMPLICITY 

"I consider myself the sommelier of juicing. So whether juicing at home or buying them at stores, your juices by far exceeded my taste bud experiences. I absolutely love your unique concoctions!! Thank you!" 

"Girls:)!! We just wanted to thank you beyond measure for this beautiful experience!! Today is Mandy and my last day of the cleanse! We celebrated by detoxing in Shannon's wonderful yoga class today!  I cannot tell you the positive changes I feel!  In less than 2 weeks, I feel clear, have slept better than before, no headaches (and I get them,) lost weight, and POOPED! We feel so accomplished! Thank you for rooting us on during these 12 days! We feel so grateful and cannot wait to share your awesome pathway to a magical journey!"

"Hey Beth! I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for helping my sister. She is really Rockin this whole new thing. She is loving you.Trusting you.  And very excited about what's to come and keeping a very positive attitude. I am very proud of her and I'm very very very very appreciative of what you've done for her!  thank you –"

"Beth...it's ALL TRUE:)! You have NO IDEA the gift you bring to the world with your juices and your love! I haven't felt that good in...I don't know how long!"

"I miss the juices terribly! They made me SO happy! We've had many people tell us our skin looks glowing!! We tell them thanks to Simplicity-your creation!"

"We have a whole load of gratitude and want to share it with everyone we know!!"

Thank YOU for your positivity!! We ❤️ Beth!!"

"I travel and live in Ca, this is better then all the juices in LA and there are a lot of juices in LA!"

"Oh deary me!! Thank you soooo much for that beautiful welcome, hug and go-girl!! I'm walking home on the Monon and slammed some sort of delicious cake batter in a bottle!! What the world was that slice of heaven I just consumed?!! I mean...whoa damn delicious!! I feel so happy!! Thank you!!"

"I absolutely loved the 3 day cleanse! I feel so great that I want to do one every month!"

"i start thinking of my juice half way through class-sometimes it is what gets me to yoga class!"

"I'm BEYOND HAPPY AND GRATEFUL!  LOVE every single Simplicity Juice I have had so far—this stuff is magic in a bottle."

"I LOVE it!"

"I can't get enough!"

"Totally changes the way you look at food. You feel and look amazing! Simplicity will change your life- it’s changed mine."

"so wholesome and nutritious."

"Great for professionals on the go."


"Delicious AND healthy – best of both worlds.  I love Simplicity."

"YUMMY in my tummy! I loved everything! So good! Thank you for all you do!"

"Simplicity juice was BIG hit!!  One healthy happier soul at a time!"

"I HEART SIMPLICITY juice everyday- Thank you Beth Smith!"

"Laura cannot stop saying how much she loves you, how much she loves the juices and how much she loves her clean colon. WOW."

"Is birthday cake considered "raw food"  I am laughing so hard right now!!  But this is what PINK tastes like to me! LOVE IT!!"

"I absolutely love the juices from Simplicity!!! Not only am I losing weight but I feel better and have more energy than ever. Thank you Simplicity crew!!!!"

"Beth's love and dedication to me as a person has inspired me to a new level of self-love that I didn't know was possible.  I feel the love in every last sip!"

"They (Simplicity Juices) are the BEST!"

"OMG - u r the best!! They r delicious—most redonk things I have ever ingested!!"

"I am so glad I came to Simplicity - I really feel it helped me with getting all the Chemo and all the medications that I have been on for a year - out of my system - all that medication has been brutal to my system and now I feel very refreshed from taking the month and resetting me in every way. I have more energy when I leave after a session and I feel lighter (ok - yes- thinner!!) I love the juices - I think they taste good, fill me up and I know I am getting the nutrients I need to get back on track."

"Can we get Simplicity by the gallon?"

"Simplicity juices make my heart happy"

"I absolutely love the juices from this place!!! Not only am I losing weight but I feel better and have more energy than ever. Thank you Simplicity crew!!!!"

"Totally changes the way you look at food. You feel and look amazing! This will change your life."

"Beth??!! You have no idea what a DAY-MAKER you are!! I mean seriously!! You're changing my life! Sniff!!  SIMPLICITY RULES!!!"

"The juices are delicious and so refreshing!! There isn't one that I don't like!"