Tried & True Tips

SIMPLICITY’s Tried & True Tips for Cleansing & Beyond

There are so many ways to naturally and effectively improve your overall health and wellness. Small changes can make a BIG difference, so pick one or two and enjoy the massive benefits that come from taking control of your physical and mental health!

  • DRINK it in baby! Keep drinking at least eight glasses of purified water every day. This gets your whole body going in every way, including reducing the likelihood of headaches and dehydration as your body works hard to flush out toxins. Wanna really feel good? Start the day with 8oz of water before you put anything else in. 
  • Get enough rest. When cleansing, it's not the time to take up kickboxing or run a marathon. Let your body guide you as you move through the process of eliminating. Otherwise, listen to that wise bod of yours and amp up or slow down according to the feedback. 
  • What goes in – MUST come out! You are going to notice an uptick in trips to the bathroom. We highly recommend booking colon hydrotherapy or doing enemas to help this process along. Remember, this is the body's way of eliminating toxins. And one of the main reasons you probably signed up for a cleanse is to have more energy and "feel better." Well, that's not possible if you're full of @%$# 

Simply eating more living foods and drinking enough water will go a long way in keeping your colon clean, but if you need or want an extra boost, try The Pipe Cleaner & The Eliminator supplements – honestly you'll wonder what you did without them! (order Here

Local friends, book your Closed Colon Hydrotherapy appointment with one of our trained medical professionals.

  • Get moving. When we move our bodies, we accelerate our lymphatic and circulatory systems. This leads to better elimination and improved overall health.
  • Try an infrared sauna, which will not only help you sweat, but it will relax you, too! 
  • Try dry brushing before you shower to open your pores and shed dead skin cells.
  • Treat yourself to warm baths with dead sea salts or Himalayan salt.
  • Take a daily probiotic to help your intestines repopulate the good flora you need, and to help you get balanced. 
  • Take a digestive enzyme.  This replacement therapy may be crucial for good health.
  • Write something every day that you are grateful for.  This can be transforming – try it- you’ll see.  (remember to put yourself here ☺ )
  • Mediate | Pray | Quiet  Spend some time everyday with peace and quiet in your head and in your heart.  Prayers are answered here and messages will be received here.