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Lean Elixir® (20-pack)

Lean Elixir® (20-pack)

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Twenty, 12 oz (355 ml) bottles

Cold-pressed apple juice, cold-mixed banana, cold-mixed avocado, cold-pressed lemon, organic dulse seaweed cold-blended, organic heirloom green kamut wheatgrass cold-blended, and organic chlorophyll cold-blended. 

Nutrition Facts: Lean Elixer

The Powerhouse of live nutrients & minerals.

Packed with nutrients vitamins, minerals, calcium, fiber, proteins, electrolytes and antioxidants.


Drink a Lean Elixir first thing in the morning - after your digestive system has rested all night- it is like an instant health hit to your system! Your digestive system doesn't have to work to digest the Lean Elixir.

Or drink as a meal replacement - it has all the nutrients your body craves. 


Please let us know in "Order special instructions" notes section in your cart (see below) if you have any allergies or preferences for your juice.

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